The Road to a Fit Life

Hi there! So, you've seen those fitness models on social media, right? Maybe it's that girl or guy from high school that is perfectly fit with the perfect little family and the "keeping up with the Jones' image". You've stalked their social media wishing you could be like that too, if only you had the tools... you've probably been toying around with the idea of fad diets and get fit quick solutions. I have a little secret, I'll let you in on it if you pay me $97 a month for the next 12 months...

Just kidding! The nitty-gritty details all boil down to a basic principle. Eat Better and Exercise Susan! 

Like me, you've probably woken up on more than one occasion and thought to yourself "how did I get here?!". Then you tell yourself that you have to make a change, that you must do better and be better. You decide right then and there that you are going to get fit no matter the cost. The next day you wake up like nothing ever happened and you carry on with your day of fast food and couch sitting, and you've let yourself down. Again.

I'm not going to sugar coat this dear reader, you have to dig deep and search for your why. If you don't I promise you're going to just fall short of your goal and keep falling short for as long as you're non-committal. What's the real reason you want to do this? Figure out what that is and hold yourself to it, without exception, every single day. 

So, you found a gym and signed up because you're committed, right? You even do the fitness assessment that they offer free to all new members, right? Because you're ready to be comfortable in your own skin, right? After your first gym session, you're pumped and excited to take on this fitness journey... and then reality sets in... you have no idea where to start or how to actually lose the weight. Next thing you know, you're eating nothing but iceberg lettuce and doing an hour of cardio a day and making ZERO change. But why? You're limiting your caloric intake and exercising, that's how this weight loss thing works, right? Wrong. 

Pull up a chair friend. Let's dive in and figure this out together we've got a long road ahead.